If everyday feels like an emergency you are most likely operating in the stress response, we can help!

The stress response was designed to last for a short period of time only. When it becomes a daily mode of operating it can feel like you are running on empty, it can end in depletion, burn-out and disease.

The good news is that you can counteract the stress response in body and mind, create ease, and experience deep restful sleep. It is not complicated, in fact simplicity is the key!  Calm can be experienced even in the midst of chaos, and you can wake up refreshed in the morning! 

Suí Mindfulness & Yoga Nidra CDs and downloads offer ‘down to earth’, rich meditation and relaxation practices. Simple, effective practices that really relax, rest and renew, help you to sleep deeply, and heal body and mind. Derval’s familiar Irish accent, and gentle tone instantly induce ease.

The essence of Celtic spirituality is presence. Natural rhythm is honoured, and connection with the earth. A Slice of Time practices are a unique way to connect with this presence, create a sense of being grounded, and come back to a natural rhythm of restful sleep!

View A Slice of Time - Mindfulness in Ireland (1 min)

Time is a healer

‘One of the greatest mysteries in life is the mystery of time. Everything that happens to us, happens through time.

John O’Donohue, Anam Cara


Is time the bane of your life? Do you feel bound by time? Do you feel stressed by time restrictions or deadlines? Do you feel like there just isn’t enough time?

We spend time, we waste time, time flies and time drags. Did you ever consider investing a little time? A small slice of time invested wisely actually results in growth, and expansion of time.  Without realising it, we time travel constantly, wandering off to the past and the future, in our minds. Wandering off like this, means we are rarely present. We miss out on real time, and real life. We live in our heads, and miss out on our lives.

When we invest a small slice of time wisely, by practising Suí Mindfulness and Yoga Nidra, we can experience a sense of timelessness, something that small kids experience all the time. It can feel like a mini-holiday, a complete break from the time consciousness that causes stress and anxiety. These simple practices have the capacity to heal body, mind and spirit.

 Suí Meditation and Yoga stools, are handcrafted from Irish hardwood. Each stool is literally a unique Slice of Time. Suí stools foster perfect posture by aligning the spine effortlessly. They offer a solid, natural foundation for meditation practice. A Slice of Time ... the gift of a lifetime!

A Slice of Time CD is a simple, yet effective way of re-charging, refreshing and renewing. It allows body and mind to experience genuine rest, and profound relaxation. It helps to create a sense of balance. It supports us in being more productive, more efficient, more focused, and more creative. It is also enormously supportive in creating, or re-creating a healthy sleep pattern.


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