• Do you find it hard to switch off?

  • Are you eating mindlessly?

  • Is worry making you sick?


You can be happy and well - BREATHWORK is the key!

Breathing and emotions are bi-directional!

This is the best meditation CD I've ever listened to....'

                                            Dr. John McKenna Author of Hard to Stomach

  • 30,500 happy clients since 2006  -  9000 of those online courses, 8000 adult CDs/downloads, 10,000 kid's CDs/downloads.

  • I can help you to create a new way of being effortlessly... and  from the comfort of your own home, maybe even your own bed.

  • THE KEY is daily practice. Once you have the right step by step guidance you have taken the first, and most important step. Then just press play and drift away, or press play and 'come back' from the past or the future.

  • Explore A Slice of Time or Suí. Find what YOU need. Each individual track is described here https://www.sui.ie/cds 


Mindful Cocoon Community - Re-emerge with Resilience!

Free REboot Camp for genuine cocooners 

 Mon 11th - 17th May.  Fully Booked



We learned the hard way, we teach the easy way! 


Dan Bruleé, personal breath coach to Tony Robbins, world renowned breath teacher and author, with Derval Dunford.

Derval presented alongside Dan and other world leaders in breathwork at the inaugural Breathing Festival in Los Cabos, Mexico 2019

'Sui is bringing the power of mindfulness to people in a way that is safe, engaging and deeply appreciated ……I am delighted and proud to endorse this fine work.' 

Tony Bates, Founding Director, Headstrong - The National Centre for Youth Mental Health, Dublin, Ireland.

Simplicity & Fun can be refreshing in a complex world and chaotic mind


What works best for you?

Research-based teacher’s EPV courses online and face to face, school visits for staff and pupils, downloads/CDs  www.mindfulnessmatters.ie

Derval Dunford

Director of Sui Mindfulness and Mindfulness Matters, has introduced mindfulness to 30,500 people since 2006. A pioneer in mindfulness and breathwork in Ireland Derval produced Ireland’s first commercial mindfulness CD for adults, and also for children.  She co-created Ireland’s first mindfulness course for school teachers, her courses have been sanctioned by the Department of Education and Skills. Her work has been endorsed by medical and complimentary professionals internationally.


Having trained with top experts in mindfulness and breathwork, through her broad teaching experience, her personal experience of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), Chronic Fatigue Derval Dunford has a deep insight and understanding of mindfulness based interventions and breathwork. Derval likes the bottom line and likes to teach in a fun way. She has been working with HSE staff since 2010. Other clients include INTO, IPPN, Education Centres, Mayo Coco and Mayo Mental Health.

Mick Hogan makes Sui Meditation stools

Each one is literally a Unique Slice of Time. These beautiful stools offer a comfortable and solid foundation for sitting practice and breath practice, re-connection with the earth and a feeling of being grounded.

Mick’s other passion is for nature and wildlife. His work includes nature workshops, walks and talks with adults and children. Having done bird survey work for many years birds are his favourite topic, Mick’s irrepressible enthusiasm for the wonder of nature is infectious! Mick is a GMIT qualified Marine and Countryside Guide, and was recently appointed Control Ambassador in Mayo.

View A Slice of Time - Mindfulness in Ireland (1 min)

Derval: Phone: 00 353 (0)87 288 8740  Email: derval@sui.ie

Mick: Phone: 00 353 (0)87 410 7277  Email: mick@sui.ie

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