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  • Do you find it hard to switch off?

  • Are you eating mindlessly?

  • Is worry making you sick?

  • Are you struggling to sleep?


 35,000 happy clients, both adults & kids, including HSE staff, since 2006 . 9000 of those were on online courses with INTO and Mayo Ed Centre. The remainder of those clients were reached through workshops, zoom sessions, HSE staff sessions, corporate staff sessions, presentations at educational conferences, adult & kid's CDs/downloads

 Options available: 

  • Zoom sessions and courses for teams

  • Adult & Kid's CDs/downloads here

  • School sessions - online & onsite for staff and children here

  • Webinars for Education Centres & Family Centres

   This is the best meditation CD I've ever listened to....'

                                            Dr. John McKenna Author, Hard to Stomach

​    We learned the hard way so you can learn the easy way! 

'Sui is bringing the power of mindfulness to people in a way that is safe, engaging and deeply appreciated ……I am delighted and proud to endorse this fine work.' 

Tony Bates, Founding Director, Headstrong - The National Centre for Youth Mental Health, Dublin, Ireland.

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Dan Bruleé, personal breath coach to Tony Robbins, world renowned teacher and author, with Derval Dunford, Global Breathwork Leader.

Derval presented alongside Dan Bruleé and other world leaders in breathwork at the inaugural Breathing Festival in Los Cabos, Mexico 2020. The Breathing Festival is online Feb 2021 and Derval will present her unique Irish twist on breathwork and nature.

Derval: Phone: 00 353 (0)87 288 8740  Email: derval@sui.ie

Mick: Phone: 00 353 (0)87 410 7277  Email: mick@sui.ie

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