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About Us - Derval Dunford & Mick Hogan


Derval - Creative Wellbeing Consultant

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‘An essential tool for modern living… I highly recommend it..'

David R. Hamilton PhD
Scientist & Author of "How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body”

Derval has designed a unique and practical combination of breathwork, NSDR (Non Sleep Deep Rest) Yoga Nidra and mindfulness to support optimal living in the modern world.  Inspired by her life challenges  PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) in early adulthood, chronic fatigue in her thirties and environmental sensitivity Derval is on a mission to help others in a down to earth, practical way.

With her gentle and creative style Derval has spent years seeking out the 'stuff that works', then making it fun and accessible.  As a result the content of her workshops and her practices are simple, practical, effective and nature-based.

They are based on coherence, a scientifically measurable state characterized by increased order and harmony in mind, emotions and body.

 Based on simplicity, and a common sense approach Derval adds action to awareness.  In her creative cocktail of care she uses mindfulness as the foundation, breathwork as the action, and NSDR ( Non-Sleep Deep Rest - a term coined by neuroscientist Andrew Huberman) otherwise called Yoga Nidra as the icing on the cake. Teaching since 2006 Derval's unique style and creativity really supports living (and sleeping) optimally in modern day life.

Derval is a qualified MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) and Yoga Nidra teacher, HeartMath Coach, Breath mastery teacher, Stress Management Coach and Breath-Body-Mind teacher. She has also studied Hypnotherapy, Aromatherapy, Counselling Skills. She is co-founder of ‘Mindfulness Matters’, has trained over 9000 Irish primary school teachers, and changed the lives of tens of thousands of children through breathwork, mindfulness, and well-being.

Derval has worked with a variety of organisations including regular workshops and courses with the HSE, Irish Hospice Foundation, INTO, IPPN, Breath-Body-Mind U.S, Mayo Education Centre, Mayo Mental Health staff and speaks at related conferences.

 This creative combination of practices are designed to help you interact daily with your inner and outer world from a place of wisdom and ease. 

Derval's advice is not to take the practices too seriously. She advises that there is need to strive, to do your best, to be perfect, to be enlightened!

You just need to sit or lie down, explore with curiosity, and repeat.

Everyone’s experience is different, as it should be, no two people will ever be the two practices will be ever the same.

Derval supports every individual to find their own way to balance and ease.

This important work has been endorsed by medical and health-care professionals both nationally and internationally. 

Mick - Bird walks, talks and survey work

Mick’s irrepressible enthusiasm for the wonder of nature is infectious. He is passionate about connecting, and re-connecting people with nature.

While he specializes in bird survey work, he also designs and delivers nature-based workshops, walks and talks. Mick is a GMIT qualified Marine and Countryside Guide, and Climate Control Ambassador in Mayo. Mick works with schools, Education Centres, private groups, the National Museum of Ireland, as well as corporate teams outdoors and on zoom.

What does Suí mean?

The word Suí pronounced 'see' is the Irish word for ‘sit’

When you are training a puppy you tell him to sit (Suí). He wanders off. You bring him back, tell him to sit again. You repeat that process until it becomes a new pattern for the puppy.

The brain works the same way. You create new neural pathways through repetition, bringing the mind back again and again when it wanders off.

Human beings need to balance 'thinking and doing' with 'feeling and being'. Suí is the bottom line - it is the effortless practice of 'non-doing' which is designed to be accessible to all.

Suí is a small business in the beautiful town of Westport, Co. Mayo, part of the Wild Atlantic Way, on the west coast of Ireland.

Inspiration comes directly from the local area, mossy woodlands, expansive sandy beaches, rolling waves, rugged cliffs, and green fields.  Westport sits in the shadow of Croagh Patrick, Ireland's famous holy mountain and Derval's favourite mountain. The essence of Suí is connection with nature, freedom, and a strong sense of being grounded. You sit like a mountain as the weather changes internally and externally. 


Derval facilitates programmes for schools, businesses, and other groups, she creates and narrates the Suí tracks and other content. Derval is a professional artist and steeps her practices in creativity.

Mick facilitates nature workshops, walks and talks on site and on zoom for schools and other groups.  Stephen McHale, Derval’s son, composes and performs the beautiful background music for the tracks and videos.

Suí CDs are created, designed, and recorded in Ireland.

‘Time and time again we miss out on the great treasures in our lives because we are so restless. In our minds we are always elsewhere. We are seldom in the place where we stand and the time that is now.’

John O’ Donohue

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