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A Slice of time CD BUY NOW!

‘In difficult and turbulent times one should stay endeavour to stay close to one simple thing in nature’


The modern world can be complicated and serious. Many of us feel trapped, stressed, overwhelmed and unhappy. Derval's belief is that we need to get back to basics in order to counteract these feelings, and create a sense of balance, spaciousness and freedom in mind body and spirit.

The power in the Suí practices lies in their simplicity and their focus on grounding. These down to earth, short guided practices, when practised regularly actually give you the gift of time, and help you to feel connected with the earth. 

Meditation doesn’t need to be taken too seriously, if it is, it will become another ‘thing to do’ and we already have too many things to do. Trying hard or striving has no part to play in the practice of mindfulness, meditation or relaxation. It is all about the cessation of doing, and thinking, or effort of any kind.

In Aryuvedic medicine Svastha is word for health, it also means steady, or ‘established in the self’. Suí practices activate the parasympathetic nervous system, (the opposite to the stress response) and therefore cultivate that sense of balance, ease, a deep connection with self, and a deep connection with the earth.

‘The clarity of her voice is striking…… She is a very gifted person and will bring much light to your life."

Dr John McKenna
Author of ‘Hard to Stomach’

A Slice of Time CD content

Mindfulness Tracks 

A Slice of Time - Sitting practice 6.25 minutes

The beautiful handcrafted Suí meditation stools were the inspiration for this track, along with John O’ Donohue’s quote below, about the wisdom of trees. Made from sustainable Irish hardwood, each stool is literally a unique slice of time. The track helps create a deep connection into the earth, the experience of finding your roots, feeling grounded deep into the earth. From this steady space, you can reach for the sky. A solid settling practice creating the foundation for a fresh start, a new beginning and a sense of belonging.

Much of our experience is literally superficial; it slips deftly from surface to surface. It lacks rootage. The tree can reach towards the light, endure wind, rain, and storm, precisely because it is rooted. Each of its branches is ultimately anchored in a reliable depth of clay. The wisdom of the tree balances the path inwards with the pathway outwards. 

John O’ Donohue


Out of your Head - Sitting practice 9.22 minutes

The inspiration for this track was the need to acknowledge the attraction of ‘getting out of your head’. The worst of our suffering often takes place in our heads. This is where we replay uncomfortable, painful conversations, thoughts and worries. This track is about getting ‘out of your head’ and ‘into your body’. Using the light of awareness to connect with the body, dissolve tension and tightness, create a sense of expansion, and a feeling of peace. A simple, creative way to practice being present, and get a break from the chaos in the head.

“I've lived through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.”

Mark Twain

Yoda Nidra - NSDR (Non-Sleep Deep Rest) Tracks

Home to Shore - lying down - 22 minutes

An effortless experience of deep nourishing relaxation and peace.

Inspiration for this track came from a line in a poem by John O’ Donohue ‘ Like the joy of the sea coming home to shore’, and my own love and belief in the cleansing and healing power of the ocean, and sunshine.  It is a grounding, healing practice that connects the rhythm of the breath and the rhythm of the ocean, and invites you to go deeper. It explores the gentle warmth of the sun, a sense of connection, expansion, freedom, and flow.

"Landscape recalls you into a mindful mode of stillness, solitude and silence where you can truly receive time" - John O’ Donohue


Golden Sleep - bedtime track - 24.55

The old Irish saying, ‘Tosach sláinte codladh’ i.e. the beginning of recovery is sleep, was the inspiration for this track. A great way to create, or re-create, the habit of falling asleep easily, and the priceless gift of deep nourishing, healing sleep!

A pathway into rich deep sleep. An essential track for getting off to sleep when your head is spinning. Perfect for getting back to sleep if you wake up worrying, or to experience restful sleep if you often have restless nights. It can also be used to create the habit of good sleep hygiene i.e. a way to wind down effortlessly, to invite sleep so that you can drift off easily. You don’t even need to focus on the words, simply press play and drift away, it couldn’t be easier!

In this track, golden healing light flows into the heart, overflows from there, flooding the whole body. The whole body is held by the light, and healed by the light. Gold is known as ‘The Master Healer’. The energy of gold is used to release tension, to balance energy and stabilise emotions. This track makes wise use of the healing power of sleep to rejuvenate and renew.


About Suí CD BUY NOW!

In today’s chaotic world, mindfulness needs to be seen as a necessity not a luxury. Suí is a double CD package with a step-by-step information booklet. It has been endorsed by Medical and Complementary health-care professionals both nationally and internationally. It appeals to both beginners and experienced meditation and yoga practitioners as it gives a wide variety of meditation and relaxation options ranging from 5 to 20 minutes. In just 5 minutes using Suí you can settle your mind, in 15 minutes you can drift off to sleep….the choice is yours.


Suí CD Track Details

Suí CD 1 is Guided and Non Guided (i.e. tracks with and also without the voice guiding you step by step)


Accompanied by soft enchanting music, allow yourself to be guided effortlessly step by step to that peaceful place within, to a focused state or even to sleep. Choose from 6 tracks, 4 guided and 2 non-guided.


The non-guided or silent tracks are incorporated into the playlist to provide the opportunity for the listener to extend their meditation practice. On these tracks instead having Derval’s voice guide you back to the present moment you are gently guided back by the sound of Tibetan bowls and chimes. The suggestion is that you then follow the sound all the way into silence keeping the mind focused for that period of time. A simple and effective way to extend and expand your mindfulness practice.


  • Touching the Present Moment 5.58 (Guided, Sitting)

  • Silent Meditation with Tibetan Bowls 6.14 (Non Guided, Sitting)

  • Mindfulness Meditation 10.46 (Guided, Sitting)

  • Silent Meditation with Tibetan Bowls 11.18 (Non Guided, Sitting)

  • Body Scan (with an option to drift off to sleep) 15.35 (Guided, Lying)

  • Healing Visualisation 19.06 (Guided, Lying)


Suí CD 2 Non Guided

A wonderful opportunity to encounter the exquisite stillness and peace of the Alpha state, induced effortlessly with the soothing soundscapes and the powerful healing ‘Om’ vibration of authentic Tibetan bowls echoing the sound of the universe . Experience a cessation of ‘internal dialogue’ and allow yourself to be transported to a balanced healing space perfect for meditation.


  • Suí agus Luí 11.43 (Non Guided)

  • Immersion with Tibetan Bowls 6.14 (Non Guided)

  • Deep Immersion with Tibetan Bowls 19.59 (Non Guided)


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