Mindful Hiking

Craic is the Irish word for fun. Suí is the Irish word for sit.

While we recommend that you suí (pronounced see) we also recommend that you do things 'just for the craic' i.e. with no other purpose in mind but to be present and enjoy connection with nature. Simplicity is the key.

This is how children operate, they don't get enjoyment out of what they do...they put enjoyment into what they do! 

I decided to climb Croagh Patrick each month for 2019 just for the craic. A mindful climb.

New Year's day was the first climb and it was magical. The air, the cloud formation, the energy, the great people that I met along the way. Hope you enjoy the photos.....and that they inspire you to do something ...just for the craic!

January Climb 


February Climb 

Moment to moment change

March Climb, St. Patrick's Day

Our personal parade at the summit

April Climb, Easter Sunday

Summit of Croagh Patrick at 6am

Climbed in the dark

May Climb

Stillness was tangible

May Day Miracle

The Bonus


Do you know the magic properties of May Day morning dew? See for yourself below.

 According to ancient Irish tradition if you wash your face in the May Day dew it will bring you good health for the rest of the year PLUS it will prevent wrinkles!!!!!

Nice to be up before 6am on May 1st to try it out!

The Irish word Bealtaine means bright fire. We say goodbye to the darkness on May Day and celebrate Bealtaine ......the fire element!

June Climb

All about the sky

July climb

 A big wet cloud descended so we amused ourselves with Mick's Wim Hof                              impersonations and Derval's homemade protein balls

August climb

                                                         Heather and sheep

September Climb


October Climb             Clarity and Rainbows

November Climb

      Sky on fire


      Final Climb

 Sketches vs Photos

       In the Cloud

Derval standing in meditation at the summit of Croagh Patrick. 
Breathing in the elements. Sketched by Tom Brawn in 3 minutes!

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