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Sleep for Kids - Digital Download

Sleep for Kids - Digital Download


Calm at Bedtime!

Simply, press play and drift away…
In response to Irish parent’s search for a peaceful bedtime routine Mindfulness Matters have designed and produced ‘Sleep for kids’, a wonderful restful bedtime CD. If you have young children (5-12yrs) who find it hard to settle Sleep may be the answer!


The Sleep Health Foundation recommends preparing children for bedtime in a way that helps them relax and feel ready for sleep. This includes encouraging children away from stimulating experiences, e.g. TV, and computer games. The brand new Sleep CD does just that. As the title suggests you simply press play and drift away…

Quality sleep is essential for optimal wellbeing and contentment. It keeps the body healthy and supports the immune system. ‘Sleep for kids,’ by encouraging calm and restful sleep, supports creativity and concentration. The gentle background music connects beautifully with the soothing tone of voice guiding children through creative visualisation into deep relaxation and sleep. There are six individual tracks to choose from. However, some children may prefer to listen to the whole CD as they drift off to sleep.


Sleep for Kids tracks

1. Adult Introduction (3.48)

2. Sleepy Head (8.08)

3. Comfy Cloud (6.58)

4. Bedtime Butterfly (6.39)

5. Bright Moon (7.36)

6. Moonbow (8.00)

7. Light Heart (12.15)

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