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Suí is originally a double CD and has been endorsed by Medical and Complementary health-care professionals both nationally and internationally.

In today’s chaotic world, mindfulness needs to be seen as a necessity not a luxury. Suí is a double CD package and has been endorsed by Medical and Complementary health-care professionals both nationally and internationally. It appeals to both beginners and experienced meditation and yoga practitioners as it gives a wide variety of meditation and relaxation options ranging from 5 to 20 minutes. In just 5 minutes using Suí you can settle your mind, in 15 minutes you can drift off to sleep….the choice is yours.



Suí CD Track Details

Suí CD 1 is Guided and Non Guided (i.e. tracks with and also without the voice guiding you step by step)


Accompanied by soft enchanting music, allow yourself to be guided effortlessly step by step to that peaceful place within, to a focused state or even to sleep. Choose from 6 tracks, 4 guided and 2 non-guided.


The non-guided or silent tracks are incorporated into the playlist to provide the opportunity for the listener to extend their meditation practice. On these tracks instead having Derval’s voice guide you back to the present moment you are gently guided back by the sound of Tibetan bowls and chimes. The suggestion is that you then follow the sound all the way into silence keeping the mind focused for that period of time. A simple and effective way to extend and expand your mindfulness practice.


  • Touching the Present Moment 5.58 (Guided, Sitting)

  • Silent Meditation with Tibetan Bowls 6.14 (Non Guided, Sitting)

  • Mindfulness Meditation 10.46 (Guided, Sitting)

  • Silent Meditation with Tibetan Bowls 11.18 (Non Guided, Sitting)

  • Body Scan (with an option to drift off to sleep) 15.35 (Guided, Lying)

  • Healing Visualisation 19.06 (Guided, Lying)


Suí CD 2 Non Guided

A wonderful opportunity to encounter the exquisite stillness and peace of the Alpha state, induced effortlessly with the soothing soundscapes and the powerful healing ‘Om’ vibration of authentic Tibetan bowls echoing the sound of the universe . Experience a cessation of ‘internal dialogue’ and allow yourself to be transported to a balanced healing space perfect for meditation.


  • Suí agus Luí 11.43 (Non Guided)

  • Immersion with Tibetan Bowls 6.14 (Non Guided)

  • Deep Immersion with Tibetan Bowls 19.59 (Non Guided)

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