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Reviews from Medical, Educational and Complimentary Professionals

Reviews from Medical, Educational and Complimentary Professionals

Can help you to accomplish the goal of finding your true self and healing your life.

Bernie Siegel, U.S.

MD and author of Peace, Love & Healing and Faith, Hope & Healing


Sui is bringing the power of mindfulness to people in a way that is safe, engaging and deeply appreciated ……I am delighted and proud to endorse this fine work.
Tony Bates
Founding Director, Headstrong - The National Centre for Youth Mental Health, Dublin, Ireland.


The clarity of her voice is striking…… She is a very gifted person and will bring much light to your life.
Dr John McKenna, Author of ‘Hard to Stomach’


It is hard to describe how beneficial it has been to the quality of my life, beginning a journey of mindfulness inspired and led on a daily basis by Derval Dunford’s Sui CD.
Tony Griffin, Director of Sports AI, Ireland, All Star award winner, and Author

The tones and music on Derval's tracks combine beautifully to allow exactly what they were created to do.

Rod Briggs, international Lecturer in Mind Science, Mindlink Foundation, South Africa


These practices of Derval’s allowed me to change my clinical practice. I only wish I had started sooner. Derval’s work offers this opportunity to the younger generation to start early and enjoy a better quality of life.’

Dr. Ursla Skerritt, Consultant Psychiatrist HSE, retired 2020

We all know on some level that the world we live in is crazy. Derval Dunford offers us a response – real, utterly simple, and beautiful.

David Kundtz, Author of "Stopping and Quiet Mind"


An opportunity to vaccinate children against psychological distress in later life.

Dr Brian McClean, Principal Clinical Psychologist,Acquired Brain Injury Ireland

Imagine a nation where children learn the value and Importance of taking a moment to simply breathe, be and discover that in truth they are ‘cool, calm and confident’ individuals. I can’t recommend this CD highly enough. It such a wonderful tool to add to my professional toolbox.

Stephanie Fitzgerald-O’Malley, Educational Psychologist, Education Desty,

As an artist I really enjoyed ‘The senses’ meditation and can clearly see how it could be used to develop visual perception.

Mags Duffy, Artist and Teacher, Co. Mayo


I love that it is guided and structured and it is a welcomed rest from the class teacher's voice. The contents of the CD complement perfectly with the strands of the SPHE programme. The tracks reinforce the feelings of confidence and self-esteem in children.

Majella O’Leary, Primary School Teacher, Co. Dublin


Both Zak and Felix were very relaxed and took it all in, they really enjoyed the colour piece and it was a very calming exercise for all of us! Thanks again, wish you lots of success with it.

Colleen Kennedy, Herbalist/ Naturopath, Co. Mayo


The majority of the children and teenagers found it an extremely grounding and a relaxing start to each day. Most of the group settled to the Mindfulness session easily and some expressed interest in continuing to use it on regular basis. All of the parents were open and interested in taking it on board.

Sinead Monaghan, Speech & Language Therapist HSE (Health Care Executive)


Derval's breathwork programme has had a massive impact on my anxiety in the classroom and at home. It is an instantly accessible tool and requires zero planning. I absolutely love it, the kids do too. During the covid year it has been an absolute Godsend.

Dalva McPhillips, Primary School Teacher, Lankill N.S., Westport, Co. Mayo 



Lydia McDowell  recommends Sui Mindfulness.

In these times when our ability to roam outside is limited, I was so happy to be guided by Derval in a wonderful breathwork session that brought the beauty of nature inside. I left feeling deeply relaxed and at the same time alert and energized- quite the unique experience! It was easy and comfortable to connect over Zoom and I felt totally supported the entire time.

Roudy Nassif  recommends Sui Mindfulness.

I Highly recommend Derval and her work. I was fortunate enough to train with her twice in Cabo, Mexico. Extremely knowledgeable about mindfulness and breathing. A very unique style of teaching that makes everything fun, enjoyable and easy to learn. Looking forward to learn from her again!!

Kathleen Gavin  recommends Sui Mindfulness.

Sui Mindfulness is fantastic. it's the way Derval teaches it. she is so calming and relaxing in her classes. you feel relaxed immediately so much that I fell asleep. it's a wake up call for everyday relaxation. it's like charging your phone. you also have to recharge your life. it's life-changing. I highly recommend it.

Chiara Julia Budini  recommends Sui Mindfulness.

Derval has a very refreshing, down-to-earth way of sharing the profoundly healing techniques of breathwork and yoga nidra. She teaches from the deep place of her own healing experience and is very authentic and honest. I felt completely safe in the group sessions that I attended with her during CaboBreathFest in Mexico and can only recommend that anyone practice with her.

Mayte Morelos  recommends Sui Mindfulness.

I was lucky enough to train with Derval in Cabo, Mexico and she is one of the most authentic and heartfelt trainers I have con across. Her profound knowledge and passion for wellbeing is truly one of a kind ! Look forward to training with her again in the future

Teresa Walsh  recommends Sui Mindfulness.

I went to a Sui Mindfulness session as part of a course I was doing and I found it really effective for immediate relaxation. But for me the surprising part is that I am still feeling the better for it almost a week after!


Cristina Gafta  recommends Sui Mindfulness.

I loved Derval's sessions during the Cabo Breath Fest in Mexico. The nidra yoga meditation and breathing and the lovely games she did before that were very relaxing and took me out of my busy mind. After the session I felt peace, joy and beautifully energised. I love the way she guided us back home in the heart. Thank you Derval for all your work and offerings.

Laura Ní Ghiollachaoin  recommends Sui Mindfulness.

I would highly recommend Derval's Suí Mindfulness CDs. As a teacher, I find them fantastic for having a mindful break in the classroom. The children really enjoy the variety of different tracks on the albums. I particularly like the tracks that give the children something to take away - like focusing on being kind for the rest of the day. They are a super tool for finding time to be present during a busy school day

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