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Mick is passionate about working with his hands, and being creative, he particularly loves working with fine quality wood. He loves connecting, or re-connecting people with nature in whatever way possible, drawing them out of the virtual world and into the here and now. This is the essence of Suí stools, they are literally A Slice of Time, taken from something that was grounded deep into the earth.  Not only do Mick’s meditation stools offer a comfortable and solid foundation for sitting practice, but they also re-connect you with the earth, and a sense of being grounded.

Mick’s other passion is for nature and wildlife. He has travelled extensively, and experienced a wide variety of environments. Mick is a GMIT qualified Marine and Countryside Guide, and was recently appointed Control Ambassador in Mayo. Mick’s past work in this area includes guided walks and camping trips with teenagers, teaching simple survival skills. His present work in this area includes nature workshops, walks and talks with adults and children. Mick’s irrepressible enthusiasm for the wonder of nature is infectious.

Where does Suí come from?

The Celts had an outdoor spirituality. The essence of Celtic spirituality was presence. Natural rhythm was honoured. There was a deep connection with the earth.

The word Suí is the Irish word for ‘sit’. The title was inspired by the ‘down to earth’, yet creative nature of the Irish language, the simplicity of Derval’s practices, and the effortless good posture facilitated by Mick’s meditation stools. A combination that invites perfect presence.

Suí Mindfulness & Yoga Nidra is a very small business based (just Derval and Mick) in the beautiful town of Westport, Co. Mayo, part of the Wild Atlantic Way, on the west coast of Ireland.

Inspiration for Suí comes directly from the local area, mossy woodlands, expansive sandy beaches, rolling waves, rugged cliffs, rock formations and green fields. With Westport town sitting in the shadow of Croagh Patrick, Irleand's famous holy mountain, Suí products have a real sense of connection with nature, freedom, and a strong sense of being grounded.


Derval creates and narrates the Suí Mindfulness & Yoga Nidra tracks, Mick designs and makes the Suí stools. Stephen McHale, Derval’s son, composes and performs the sublime background music for the tracks.

Sui products are created, designed, and recorded in Ireland.

‘Time and time again we miss out on the great treasures in our lives because we are so restless. In our minds we are always elsewhere. We are seldom in the place where we stand and the time that is now.’

John O’ Donohue

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